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Bormio – Valdidentro – Valdisotto
S. Caterina Valfurva – Sondalo - Livigno

Mountain Bike’s School (courses for all ages and abilities) – Guided mountain bike tours offered daily, every weekend or all week - Mountain bikes rental – Mechanical assistance – Courses in Mountain bike (basic – intermediate – advanced - professional) – Bike & Kids Park

Bormio Bike School

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Mountain bike guides, Instructor for all levels certified by S.I.M.B. (Scuola Italiana Mountain Bike), F.C.I. (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana) and Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina

“Bike Ride”

Alta Rezia Free Ride Tour

Week long tour with daily Mountain bike excursion in Poschiavo Valley, Engadina (Celerina – S. Moritz – Val Mustair) and Alta Valtellina, among the alps on the Swiss – Italian border and accompanied by guides, instructors from Bormio Bike School.

“Bike Weekend”

In the Stelvio National Park

3 days tour excursions accompanied by guides or instructor of AVBS, entirely within the Stelvio National Park, Engadina Swiss National Park which parks together represent one of the most extensive protected area in Europe.

“Bike Week”

In the Stelvio National Park

Week long tour, for seven intense and challenging days accompanied by guides or instructor of AVBS …. ; half board in hotel, six mountain bike excursions, offered differently levels daily depending on experience and ability; possibility of barbeque at mountain top chalet; insurance, possible mtb rental, mechanical assistance, mtb school.

“Kids Camp – Baby Bike Skill Center”

Pratical mtb camp, offered exclusively to kids 8 – 12 years old, to beign the “first pedal strokes” using the correct technical movements.

“Lady’s Weekend”

For women only, a weekend of excursion with varying levels of difficutly offered and accompanied by guides……


Bike School
with Instructor and guides
S.I.M.B. & F.C.I.

MTB courses offered for beginners through expert (in groups or one–on-one), for kids (8-12 years old) youth (13 – 15 years old) teens (16-17 years old) and adults.


Courses in MTB technique on varying terrains
(sterrato – single trail – superficie innevata)

Courses for guides and ….

Techinical and mechanical assistance.

Possibility to rent high quality mtbs

Possibility to use ski gondola in Bormio and Santa Caterina Valfurva

Possibility of transportation on top of mountain

Winter mtb courses also available

Bike program Alta Valtellina – Alta Rezia

Valdidentro: valle di Fraele - giro dei laghi artificiali di Cancano e di San Giacomo (basic); valle di Fraele – valle del Gallo – alpe Gallo - valle Mora (from easy to intermediate); valle di Fraele – Decauville - val Viola (basic); valle Pettini – alpe Trela - valle Vezzola (from basic to intermediate).

Valfurva: valle Zebrù (easy); Santa Caterina Valfurva e il suo “bike park” (easy); valle dei Forni – valle Cedec – passo Zebrù (from difficult to more difficult); Santa Caterina Valfurva – Bosco di Cornogna – Calvarana – S. Pietro in Valdisotto (easy).

Bormiese: pedemontana della Reit (basic); valle di Uzza – strada militare Ables – valle di Ardof (in territorio della Valfurva – from easy to intermediate).

Valdisotto: da pedemontana (Oga – forte Venini) a pedemontana (Palancana - Raglion) – from easy to intermediate; strada forestale Bormio 2000 – Pozzo dell’acqua – Calvarana (from basic to easy)

Difficult level

Basic: under 200 m. difference of level (*)
Easy: from 200 to 400 m. difference of level (**)
Intermediate: from 400 to 600 m. difference of level (***)
Difficult: from 600 to 800 m. difference of level (****)
More difficult: over 800 – 1000 metri (*****)

Bike Park “Nature”

“Skill Center”